[News] Paid Backlinking Is Now Dead?

paid backlink is over

If you’re into SEO for sometime, you should know that backlinks has been a major element to the whole strategy. That results in a lot of people willing to pay for backlinking services. The ‘model’ was working well for quite a while until recently when Google has made several moves to ‘invalidate’ such a tactic.… Read More »

[News] Domain Name Registration Price Goes Up Again

Not long ago domain name registration has gone up in price from $7.99 region to that of $9.99. By January 2012, it will go up again and for the first time crossing $10 barrier. The actual price depends on which registrar you buy or renew your domain from but the hike is quite like around… Read More »

Drupal Search Not Working | It Shows No Results?


If search feature on your Drupal site refused to work, just check the following things: · If Permission or User Control settings have been correctly done. · Indexing of your site has completed. If not, go to “Admin-Search Settings-Re-index Site”. If nothing seems to be wrong, just do “Re-index Site” might cure …

How To Create A Sub Theme For Drupal 7


One of the quickest and safest way to customize a drupal theme is to go via subtheme route. Safest? Because even if the base theme get updated in the future all your modifications will remain intact unless there was a major change put in place by the author. Firstly, let’s assume the base theme name… Read More »