How To Backup All Your MySQL Databases In One Go


Anyone still arguing the importance of backups? Just wait for a disaster to strike and you know what it means, but only a little too late to be of any real good. At a time when most websites and blogs are built using databases, a sound backup system is nothing but crucial. …

How WordPress Single Install Can Be A Productivity Booster


In the last post I shared with you how to setup a multisite WordPress blogs where there is only one installation of WordPress codes that is required no matter how many blogs you have and run. Before I talk about the productivity benefits, I would like to point out that there are many …

Run Multiple WordPress Blogs On A Single Installation

Image representing WordPress as depicted in Cr...

Yes, it’s possible. As I was coming over from Drupal to WordPress, one single feature that’s on Drupal but missing in WP is the ability to run multi sites using just one codebase. This is achieved while individual blogs are still treated as separate entities meaning all control panel, themes and plugins etc are unique… Read More »

Welcome Chrome, The New Web Browser. It’s Now Live!


Why named it Chrome? I don’t know but will it make the king of the browsers? Will it forever change the way we use the Internet? Only time will tell but for now it looks extremely promising. One thing very obvious is that Google keeps their minimalist thinking right into yet another product. Chrome’s …

How To Write Blog Contents Offline


First, why do you need to write blog post offline? Listed below are some of the reasons I could think of: Posts can be prepared anywhere even at places without Internet connection. All you need is your laptop and this may increase your productivity significantly. So you’ll never loose that elusive great inspiration again. Some… Read More »

Website Stats Tool – Are There Alternatives to Google Analytics


While Google Analytics (GA) is a favorite web statistics service out there, there are others who are also trying to steal the spot. So Woopra is one of them. You may find someone who swear by GA or any other analytics but its’ worth checking out how Woopra can help you monitor your website performance and… Read More »